Akatarawa Ultra





18 April Sat 2020

Also go to LOGISTICS tab for more detailed race info



First Loop is clockwise each lap after is at runners discretion They can go AC or C

1 loop 53k $55 Early bird before End of Feb 2020 $75

2 loops 106k $80 Early bird before End of Feb 2020 $110

Pay Aka/ with name as ref into

Click https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GoaL2SgOoBOnq0-HtrAW43MbGR96Shy0qNXKQSe3AKc/edit?usp=sharingto enter

Aorangi Undulator


Route details

Each loop


Dist 57km

 1 lap=57k Incl Loop of Despair (The 10k loop to sth)

2 laps = 114k Incl Loop of Despair (The 10k loop to sth)

Terrain 4wd ,some single track and rocky single track for a few k


Download Gpx

This must be put on gps device in race . A gps device or a phone gps such as Viewranger with Topo maps is compulsory. The course will be taped but this is a precaution as there are a number of intersection these will be taped but to be double sure. You also need a paper map and compass. Print out of topo map ok.

Updated Map



Als GPX is extra 5k …

new route.jpg


Click to enter

Put Aka then your name and pay fee into

Aorangi Undulator


17 thoughts on “Akatarawa Ultra”

  1. Gary Crilley said:

    Couple of questions. Do you have a 2019 date yet? The text says clockwise, but the aid stations are numbered counter-clockwise. I assume from the profile that it’s clockwise, which means the climbs are Link Track, Perhams Rd/Titi, Rock Garden, Pram Track and Hydro Valley in order. Is that correct? Finally, payment details?


    • chrismartinc said:

      Yes date is Sat first weekend of April

      Yes the loop os clcokwise i need to update marshal spot numbers

      I will update payment details on website this week stand by i did it yesterday…its e p i c


  2. Hi Chris,

    How many k’s to the aid stations? So as to calculate food needs in between.




  3. Melissa Franklin said:

    What are the cutoffs for the Miler?


  4. Agni Ziogos said:

    I was meaning how am I to pay you? Bank transfer, cheque or credit card?


  5. Agni Ziogos said:

    Is this an accredited race with points awarded. Agni Ziogos.


    • chrismartinc said:

      Not yet but will look into it after the first year as this has come up before. I think TUM and Northburn are the main 2 i will try and get AKaUltra accredited too


  6. Hey – how does one enter and pay? I have entered all details in the spread sheet attached but have no idea on payment or if my entry is completed? Cheers


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